Strengthening Communities

A healthier community needs a sustainable blood supply. Every day, somewhere in the world, our neighbors face disease outbreaks, extreme poverty and other crises. Their need for a safe, sufficient blood supply has never been greater. Read the stories of lives saved and communities healed.

  • Namitha Kumar receives one of her regular, lifesaving blood transfusions from her transfusion nurse....

  • Dr. Muneeba Azmat explains unregulated collection and transport of blood during a mass disaster....

  • I have devoted years of my life to collecting blood donations for the Uganda Blood Transfusion Servi...

LED by practicing blood banking professionals

Our experience from years of working in countries around the world has shown us that supporting voluntary, non-remunerated donation is the most effective and cost-efficient intervention.


Global Blood Fund has facilitated such efforts as establishing rural blood banks and supplying bloodmobiles to improve donor access and operational efficiency.


We also have resourced collectors by providing items such as donation couches, portable beds and recognition gifts to enhance comfort and encourage donors to return.


>>Delivered over $2,000,000 (depreciated value) of re-homed equipment.


>>Provide support to over 50 countries.


>>Established first and only blood bank in Northern Laos.


>>Donated two Trima Accel® Automated Blood Collection Systems to Ghanaian Ebola Readiness and Resilience Initiative.


>>Hundreds of portable donor beds delivered to Nigeria, Mexico, Lesotho and Cambodia.


>>Supplied multiple bloodmobiles to increase collections in Mexico, Malawi and Lebanon.


>>Hundreds of donation mixer/scales to Tanzania, Rwanda, Liberia, Botswana.


>>Hemapheresis technology sent to Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.


>>Centrifuges supplied to Mexico.


>>Clinical uniforms delivered to Armenia.


>>Purchased computer equipment for a blood collector in Kenya.


>>Delivered LifeServe machines to help grow the blood programs in Mexico.


>>Funded a new TV spot to recruit blood donors in Haiti.


>>Purchased technical manuals for 19 blood services across Latin America.


>>Provided promotional materials for a blood collector in Mexico.


>>Funded recruitment training in Eastern Europe.


>>Funded a trainer to deliver recruitment training in Georgia (Eastern Caucasus).
GBF focuses on enabling blood services in resource-poor countries to nurture that most precious of resources – blood donors.


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