Helping the most vulnerable

GBF has helped over 50 poorly-resourced countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to better serve their communities. Our experience from years of working in countries around the world has shown us that supporting voluntary, non-remunerated donation is the most effective and cost-efficient intervention.

Donated bloodmobiles to improve operational flexibility.

Delivered millions in new & re-homed equipment.

Opened new blood bank to support northern Laos.

Produced various toolkits to teach best practices.

Supplied hundreds of donated mixers and scales.

Provided donor recruitment and management training.

Trained hundreds of blood bankers.

Purchased computer equipment.

Donated hundreds of portable donor beds.

Hemapheresis technology supplied.

Provided centrifuges to Mexico.

Delivered clinical uniforms to Armenia.

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Global Blood Fund believes that if a patient is in need of a life-saving transfusion, the blood required should be available and should be safe, regardless of location.


GBF’s programs strive to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of ensuring enough safe blood is available worldwide. Discover how you can further our mission.

GBF’S work produces results

GBF’s core focus on enabling volunteer donation has seen the following results.

Donor Management

UNAIDS reports the transfusion transmitted infection (TTI) risk of selected donors is more effective than HIV antigen testing.

Voluntary Donation

WHO figures show an increase of over 10 million blood donations from voluntary unpaid donors in low and middle-income countries.

Donor Selection Programs

With HIV/AIDS being prevalent in South Africa, donor selection programs have reduced HIV in the donor population to less than 0.25%.

The Transition to Sustainable 100% VNRBD

GBF aids in the transition from paid/replacement donation to sustainable 100% Voluntary Non-Remunerated Blood Donation (VNRBD) in the following ways.

Directly delivers training in donor recruitment, retention and management; for example, in Namibia, Uganda.

Funds training delivered by others; for example, in Georgia (Eastern Caucasus) and Mexico.

Publishes and produces online tools to aid professional development, such as Pledge25Club and the Donor Recruiter Educational and Certification Program.

Facilitates exposing practitioners to industry best practice, for example sponsoring donor recruiters to attend familiarization workshops in South Africa.

Helps spread best practice across continents by supporting experts to present their work at international forums in Mexico, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Generates and disseminates narratives that help communicate the need for blood.

Helps blood agencies access tools that assist in donor recruitment and management.

GBF is saving the lives of thousands of patients around the world.

The Key to Safe, Sufficient Blood

GBF believes the key to unlocking safe and sufficient supplies of blood is mobilizing volunteer, unpaid donors in every country. The World Health Organization (WHO) also supports promotion of voluntary blood donation as one of the most cost-effective strategies for preventing HIV/AIDS.


Our charity works with blood collection agencies in low and middle-income countries to identify low-risk donor groups within the population. Then we educate, motivate, and recruit from these low-risk populations and provide a positive experience to retain the donors.

“There is much to be done in fostering a sense of community responsibility in terms of blood donation.”


-Honduras Red Cross Blood Program


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