Thank you for wanting to support us

The ‘Friends’ program has three levels of support, and you can re-iterate your preference by ticking the adjacent box, below right. Once your personal details are submitted, we will be in touch shortly after to answer any questions you may have and to formalize things. You are committing to nothing at this stage.

Assuming you are happy to proceed, we will ask you to sign a one-page document (no lawyers required, we promise – you can cancel whenever) that will agree the indicated amount for a provisional period of two years. We recognize that leaders who are likely to pledge their organization’s support are busy individuals, and so also promise these formalities should take just a few minutes.

To make everything thereafter as stress-free as possible we will also ask you for a point of contact within your team where we can provide tax-deduction documentation, manage invoicing, and generally keep your organization informed about this and other programs.