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Every day in the world’s poorest countries, people die because of a shortage of blood. GBF helps blood collectors in these countries by providing money, equipment, training and other forms of support – including launching voluntary blood donation programs.


Voluntary Non-Remunerated Blood Donation (VNRBD) is the cornerstone of a safe and sufficient blood supply. GBF works with blood collectors in low and middle-income countries to establish and enhance the recruitment, retention and management of volunteer donors.


A system of voluntary donation driven by benevolence is preferable. However, creating a community appreciation of blood donation is challenging; as is recruiting, motivating and retaining donors and managing them effectively.


To help in the transition from paid/replacement donation to sustainable 100% VNRBD, Global Blood Fund:

Delivers & funds training in donor recruitment, retention and management.

Publishes and produces online tools to aid professional development.

Supports & encourages experts to present best practices at international forums.

Provides blood agencies with donor recruitment and management tools.

World Blood Donor Day 2021


Take one famous song – ‘Give Blood’, by world renowned musician and former member of the band ‘The Who’, Pete Townshend.


Tweak the lyrics so it even better more powerfully  communicates the wonder of blood donation.


Make multiple, world-music, recordings by leading artists, singing their own arrangements in multiple languages.


Set these songs to a bespoke, motivational video.


Make these materials available for blood services worldwide to use to enhance their World Blood Donor Day celebrations.


To see the results and download resources – click link

EqXchange GBF


EqXchange is Global Blood Fund’s rehoming program, placing vital surplus equipment into the hands of blood agencies with limited resources.


GBF’s technology and networks connect equipment with the needs of blood centers around the world. Once a match is made, GBF will manage and fund the logistics of moving the donated equipment to its new home.


For the giving organization, donating to GBF is simple and is more cost-efficient than alternative forms of disposal.

How EqXchange Works

visit the portal link below and register

list your items on the portal for free

eqXchange finds a vetted match

GBF handles cost & logistics of donation

GBF offers a way for donated equipment to benefit blood centers in the developing world.

PLEDGE 25 Club

Since Africa collects most of its blood from high-school students, GBF saw a need to retain these young donors after they graduate.


Pledge 25 Club was developed to keep donors engaged after they leave school. Working with the Africa Society for Blood Transfusion, GBF is providing tools and resources to help expand this initiative across Africa.


By creating a local, national, and international blood donor family, Pledge 25 Club members serve their community by pledging to donate 25 units of blood by the age of 30. Members also commit to leading a healthy, low-risk lifestyle to protect the patients receiving their life-saving blood.

I’m so thankful for my discovery of the Pledge 25 Club because it changed what blood donation meant to me. It mattered more and became part of who I was as I became more and more involved with my club in Zimbabwe.


Nomusa Mukadzambo-Chimedza


I am grateful to the Pledge 25 Club because through its low-risk lifestyle values I was able to sail through the turbulent era of HIV and AIDS where most of my age-mates succumbed. As I saved other people’s lives, the clubs’ values were also saving mine.


Josiah Mushonga

Pledge 25 members build confidence, acquire new skills and form new, life-long friendships.

Open Arms Program

Blood Centers recognize the generosity of donors in a myriad of ways, from T-shirts, baseball caps and coffee mugs, to raffles and store loyalty points. While donors like to be appreciated, many don’t want tangible gifts.


GBF’s Open Arms provides a lifesaving alternative where donors can forgo the gift item and instead direct their Blood Center to make a donation on their behalf to support poorly resourced blood programs in low-income countries.

How Open Arms Works

A donor regularly gives blood at their local blood center.

The blood center thanks donor with an appreciation gift.

The donor can choose to forgo gift for a donation to GBF.

Donors give twice by helping people locally and globally.


Becoming an Open Arms partner allows your donors to give twice helping people in their own communities and overseas while also providing the following benefits:

No cost to blood center for support materials.

Value can be set to deliver savings to blood center.

Increases loyalty and frequency of engaged donors.

Can generate media interest to enhance reputation.

COVID-19 IEC Resources


GBF is working with blood services across Africa to produce tailored COVID-19-related materials.

Communicating with existing donors, potential new donors and other stakeholders is critically important in this time of crisis. GBF is working with blood services across Africa to produce tailored COVID-19-related materials (to include local branding and contact details; translated if required). The artwork is donated free-of-charge and support for local production may be available.


Please browse below the materials we have produced for others. If you would like to arrange free-of-charge personalization of any of these for your organization, just complete the form and submit and we will be in touch.


Check back often for updates. New materials are being regularly added.


GBF’s new Blood Donor Recruiter Education and Certification program provides a distance learning opportunity for recruitment professionals around the world.


Written by expert practitioners in Africa, the narrated educational series provides over six hours of original content across 12 themed modules.

International Mentoring Program


GBF connects experienced professionals (Mentors) with those wishing to improve their knowledge and skills (Mentees).


Volunteer as an expert Mentor, or sign up as a Mentee to receive coaching from leaders in your field.


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