Blood donor beds being sent to Mexico through Global Blood Fund

GBF, STB&T Re-home Blood Donor Beds Across Mexico

Providing blood donation equipment to poorly resourced countries has been a pillar of Global Blood Fund’s work since its founding nearly 15 years ago. In that time, we have delivered blood bags, centrifuges, blood mixers, donation buses and more to countries all across the world.

Last month was no different. When San Antonio’s South Texas Blood & Tissue decided it was time for their donor beds to be replaced, they got in touch with us. In no time at all, the beds were spoken for.

Blood donor beds being sent to Mexico through Global Blood Fund
Blood donors beds being sent to Mexico

The 30 beds would soon make their way across Mexico and into Chihuahua City to be refurbished. Five stayed with a donor center in Chihuahua, while the remaining 25 were sent to centers further south in Monterrey and Guadalajara, Mexico.

In an Instagram post following the donation, South Texas Blood & Tissue wrote that they are “thrilled to have new beds to keep our lifesaving donors comfortable and honored to send the used beds to a new home where they will continue to save lives.”

We are too! Thanks STB&T for your donation. Three blood centers will be putting these donor beds to use for years to come.

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