Blood Collection Machines Heading to Mexico!

LifeServe Blood Center saves lives, and in more ways than you might expect!

We’ve updated to the latest and greatest red blood cell machines to ensure the best experience for our donors, but our old machines still have some good use left in them. Thanks to the Global Blood Fund, those machines are on their way to a new home!

The Global Blood Fund is a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring patients in low income countries have access to safe blood transfusions.  One of their many programs is an equipment exchange program. In the case of our double red cell machines, the Global Blood Fund determined they’re desperately needed in Mexico. These former LifeServe machines will help them grow their blood program, as Mexico struggles to maintain their blood supply.

“We’re so excited to be able to continue to save lives at home and in countries that desperately need this lifesaving equipment,” said Claire DeRoin, Community Relations Coordinator.

For more information on double red donations, click here!