CETS is looking for more blood donors in Yucatan, are you up for it?

NOVEDADES MÉRIDA, Yuc.- At the end of August, the mobile unit of the State Blood Transfusion Center (CETS) will visit at least six Yucatecan towns.

Martha Montemayor Curiel, director of the institution, recalled that last June they received the vehicle equipped to continue the work of capturing the vital liquid voluntarily and with all the sanitary guarantees.

The work done in recent years is bearing fruit, CETS Yucatan is in third place in altruistic blood donation nationwide, with a rate of 26.4 percent.

In the State, 38 thousand units of blood are collected each year. Of this total, 14 thousand units are from Cets and the rest from IMSS, ISSSTE, HRAE and eight private blood banks.

It is expected to continue to rise to help achieve the goal set by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) of reaching 100 percent of blood collection, voluntarily by 2020.

“We are waiting for some details to be arranged with the insurance of the mobile unit to begin touring the municipalities,” explained the interviewee.

The scheduled tour includes Tizimín, Valladolid, Progreso, Conkal, Peto and Kantunil, among others.

They will also go to companies that have approached the center, as well as universities that can join the campaigns. The idea is that workers, students and teachers decide to practice solidarity and generosity in this way.

The rolling unit was donated to CETS Yucatan by United Blood Services, based in El Paso, Texas and Global Blood Fund, London.

It is a mobile blood bank, it has its own electric power plant, four air conditioners, two modules for medical interviews, five beds where the donor can be comfortable and a recovery area where, after the donation, he has a snack.

Dr. Montemayor added that people who contribute to itinerant campaigns or who go directly to the facilities of the General Hospital “Dr. Agustín O’Horán ”, if they are hospitalized and require transfusions, their family members will no longer need to donate, as an early donation certificate will be valid for them.

He recalled that blood donated in an altruistic way is the safest, who contributes it without pressure and with the sole purpose of helping, without receiving any remuneration.